sound installation, 6–90 speakers, variable dimensions

The work “Dark Lake Rit­u­al” con­sists of sound ‘por­traits’ of the dif­fer­ent oil pumps on the Bibi Hey­bat oil fields in Baku. Each of the­se pumps exe­cutes mechan­i­cal move­ments marked by a seem­ing­ly per­pet­u­al rep­e­ti­tion. Although they seem to move in a very sim­i­lar way, the sound of each pump is unique, due to mechan­i­cal impre­ci­sions and wear. The instal­la­tion con­dens­es the sound by reduc­ing the spa­tial dis­tance between the pumps on the field to the dis­tance between the speak­ers in the exhi­bi­tion space. Thus a simul­tane­ity of sounds and rhythms is cre­at­ed. The pumps become indi­vid­u­al actors of a col­lec­tive rit­u­al in a petro-indus­tri­al sound chore­og­ra­phy across the topog­ra­phy of the oil fields.

DARK LAKE RITUAL, oil lake, 2017

DARK LAKE RITUAL, score of oil pumps on the Bibi Hey­bat oil field, 2017

DARK LAKE RITUAL, sound instal­la­tion at Yarat con­tem­po­rary art space, artim, 2017